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Painful sex is a very distressing problem, which may have a detrimental effect on relationships with partners. Thousands of women experience painful intercourse or problems with vaginal penetration, so you will be relieved to know that you are not alone. While the difficulties you are having with painful intercourse may be due to one of a number of conditions, these can usually be improved by the use of Amielle Comfort dilators.

Painful Sex


Dyspareunia is described as the experience of pain before, during of after sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia can be caused by a number of medical issues - these include infection of the cervix, vagina, lower urinary tract or fallopian tubes, childbirth-associated scarring, radiotherapy, endometriosis, prolapsed womb, stress and allergies to lubricant/latex condoms and diaphragms/spermicidal creams. Another cause of painful sex is a condition called Vaginismus, where the muscles of the vagina involuntarily spasm when penetration is attempted.

Amielle Comfort

Designed in conjunction with psychosexual therapists, Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators offer an effective way for women to take an active role in the treatment of sexual disorders causing painful intercourse in the privacy and comfort of their normal home surroundings. To learn more about Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators and their use for treating painful sex please visit our Amielle products page.

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